The Story

“A Dance Teacher’s Way: a yearly planner for dance teachers” was originally published in 2016 by Joye Thomas. In 2016 Joye wrote: “Two months ago, I published a planner for dance teachers. After some outstanding feedback, I realized it needed to expand. I embarked on a journey to start a business and raise capital. I went through multiple publishers, but they didn’t understand the vision. I researched for WEEKS on the best price for printing and other expenses. I decided I was going to launch a Kickstarter, because surely people would contribute to something that benefits a genuine and influential demographic. After countless hours and crunching numbers, I realized there was no substantial way to manufacture and sell my planner.

Being a dance teacher, or teacher in general, you simply do not make enough moolah. There was no way I could charge a fair price and be able to sustain a business. After a month and a half, I felt defeated. As I lay down to bed I prayed “God, please tell me what to do.” Instantly, a thought entered my mind and alas…

“GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE,” was the thought that filled my mind and spirit. While some people rightfully charge for their goods and services, there is no way I could charge my fellow dance teacher for something that could benefit their lives. So here you go!”

Since 2016, Joye’s received tremendous feedback from all the corners of the world. Joye wanted to re-design the planner and finally finished in July 2019. The Dance Teacher Planners 2019 edition are available in a special Ballet Class edition and a 5 class option for both editions.

What Teachers Say

Thank you so much for sharing. Lots of Love!

Angela (Colombia)

Excited to try your planner as I am a new studio owner and teacher trying to juggle it all!

Alexis (Indiana)

For years I’ve struggled with finding the best way to organize my lessons, I believe this will definitely help.

(North Carolina)

The Author

Joye Thomas is an accomplished dance teacher, choreographer, and dancer. Northern Virginia native, Joye has taught dance for over a decade. Joye’s developed her own improv dance technique, Articulation Technique. Notable performances include “Sky Warriors” at Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival and Curefest 2015 Flash Mob on the National Mall.

She wants to thank her friends for encouraging her to finish the first edition of “A Dance Teacher’s Way.” She also wants to acknowledge her dance teachers, who put up with her during her formidable years. Mainly, Joye wanted to give back to her fellow dance teachers.

“Dance teachers have one of the hardest jobs. We kill our bodies for our students. We not only teach children steps, but we use dance as a metaphor for life lessons. I am so thankful for teaching dance, and I feel honored to have worked with so many amazing children.”      -Joye